Board of Directors Approve 2016 Charities Donees

2013 Lions Arts & Crafts Event 13After a long year of planning and volunteering, it’s now time to distribute the money that we worked so hard to raise. Here are the approved donees for the current year:

F.I.S.H…A homegrown island charity that distributes food and money where needed.

Lighthouse of Southwest Florida…Since 1974, provides over 50 rehabilitation and support programs to the visually impaired and blind in Lee, Hendry, and Glades counties.

WGCU Radio Reading Service…..Brings printed materials to persons who are blind, physically impaired, and print handicapped via a special radio broadcast produced by dedicated volunteers.

Islands Night...Started by Sam Bailey 23 years ago, our club has always been a sponsor and participant in our islands’ own charitable tribute to ourselves.

LARC…Since 1954, promotes and provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to live and work in the community.

Trailways Camp (Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund)….Founded by Lion Jerry Miller and his wife Sharon, a Trailways Camp helps create social connections between adults with special needs; provides opportunities to develop socialization skills; and provides respite support for families and caregivers.

Sanibel Community House Reconstruction Fund…the Lion’s home for years is finally getting a facelift! Our contribution as a Club is small compared to contributions of individual Lions Club members.

Conklin Center for the Blind.….Since 1979, provides vocational and daily living skills training to adults who are blind and have one or more additional disabilities.

Southeastern Guide Dogs...Founded in 1982, creates and nurtures partnerships between visually impaired individuals and extraordinary guide dogs. There are currently more than 400 “graduates” served across the United States. Past member, Tommy Gray, son of Lion Dale Gray, was a beneficiary of this program. Each year, we help Tommy pay veterinary and feed expenses for his new dog, Larry.

Florida Lions Foundation For the Blind.…Provides sight care surgery to needy individuals through Lions Clubs of Florida and the Bahamas.

Francis Bailey Scholarship Fund..…Started in the early days of our club with a donation of about $42,000 (remaining from the original PAC that financed the establishment of a Sanibel city government), the Fund has grown to about $182,000 today. Income from the Bailey Fund is currently supporting two scholarships for very qualified young people, both of whom are residents of Sanibel or have strong ties to the Island.

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