Trailways Camp Video Debuts

Sanibel Captiva Lion Jerry Miller and his wife, Sharon, debuted the touching third Trailways Camp video to the club as guest speakers during the January 3rd dinner meeting. The touching video highlights volunteers who poignantly share how their lives have been enriched through their volunteerism at Trailways.

“The local Lions have been so supportive of Trailways Camp, so we think it’s wonderful to debut the video to the club,” said Sharon. “It’s more fitting since it features a few Lions who volunteered to help build a great ramp down a hill to the edge of the campground’s river.”

Trailways Camp provides camping experiences for adults with special needs in Southwest Florida. It was founded by the Millers through The Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund, established in honor of their two sons. Volunteers play a key role in the success of Trailways Camp, held three times a year.

“Adults with special needs are the most under-served in our society,” said Jerry. “There is not much out there for them to do socially.” Trailways is based on the principal of reducing the social isolation experienced by adults with special needs, as well as their families or caregivers.

The video series, produced by Sanibel videographer Rusty Farst, showcases happy campers and how it all began. “We are grateful for all the Lions’ efforts throughout the years to help Trailways be a success,” said Sharon.

In addition, the Lions Christmas Tree Sale was reported to be a success, selling out on Christmas Eve. The next dinner meeting will be Feb. 7 at the Sanibel Community House with a guest speaker from Lighthouse of Southwest Florida, an organization dedicated to enabling individuals of all ages living with a visual impairment to remain independent, active and productive.

Visiting Lions are welcome. For more information on the club, visit To learn more about Trailways Camp, visit