Sharon and Jerry Miller…Providing For Special Campers

Ben Sharon and Jerry Miller

Ben Sharon and Jerry Miller

At the January 20th dinner meeting, we were treated to a power point presentation on Trailways Camp which the Sanibel-Captiva Lions club supports through annual contributions.

But the presentation was about more than Trailways Camp…it was about the Millers themselves, and how they turned adversity into opportunity. Here’s their story…

In 2005, Sharon and Jerry lost their son, Robert, to a very rare progressive disability:Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder:Zellweger Spectrum Disease.Their son, Benjamin, also suffers from this disease.

To honor Robert’s passing, Sharon and Jerry decided to reach out to other caregivers and their offspring who deal with debilitating diseases on a daily basis.

Thus was born the Trailways Camp, whose mission is to provide a quality camping experience for adults with disabilities, and, equally important, to provide time off for their families and caregivers.

Camp sessions are typically 4 or 5 days in duration, and, to date, well over 30 overnight camps have been provided. This year, Trailways will be providing 3 camps… More camps, more happy campers, and more lives touched by the dedication of Sharon, Jerry and Trailways Camp.

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